Anthropology Museum

Discovering the tapestry of humanity, celebrating diversity, and bridging cultures.

Immerse yourself in the Anthropology Museum’s rich collection of artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays, showcasing the beauty and complexity of human cultures across the globe. Unveil the intricacies of traditions, customs, and beliefs that shape our shared heritage. Through engaging experiences, the museum aims to foster appreciation, understanding, and respect for diverse cultures, promoting a sense of global unity.

  • History

    Established in 1985, the Anthropology Museum has been a beacon of cultural exploration for decades. With a commitment to preserving and showcasing the richness of human diversity, the museum has grown into a renowned institution, offering visitors a comprehensive glimpse into the tapestry of global heritage. Its diverse collections, carefully curated exhibits, and educational programs have continuously evolved, captivating audiences and inspiring a deeper appreciation for the human experience.

  • Mission

    The Anthropology Museum's mission is to educate, inspire, and promote cultural awareness by providing a platform for the study, preservation, and celebration of global human cultures. Through engaging exhibits, innovative programming, and collaborative initiatives, we strive to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation for the diversity of human traditions, past and present. By exploring the richness of global heritage, we aim to bridge cultures and inspire dialogue, cultivating a more inclusive and interconnected world.

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    2.6 million
  • Area
    807,000 sq ft (75,000 m2) in 94 galleries
  • Visitors
    1,124,759 (2021)
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    6 Pl. d'Iéna, 75116 Paris, France
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    9:30 - 18:00, Monday Until 20:00
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