Grand Institute of Theater

Where the stage becomes a world, and the world becomes a stage.

Step into a realm of theatrical enchantment at the Grand Institute of Theater. Immerse yourself in the art of performance, from classical masterpieces to groundbreaking modern productions. Unveil the transformative power of storytelling as it ignites emotions and sparks imagination. Explore the intricacies of stagecraft, from stunning set designs to captivating costumes. Delve into the history and evolution of theater, celebrating the actors, playwrights, and directors who have shaped the dramatic arts. Experience the magic of live performances, as the boundaries of reality blur within the theater’s hallowed walls. Discover the profound impact of theater on society, amplifying diverse voices and reflecting the human condition. The Grand Institute of Theater invites you to indulge in the timeless allure of the stage and be transported to worlds both familiar and extraordinary.

  • History

    The Grand Institute of Theater was founded in 1921 by visionary theater enthusiasts seeking to establish a hub for artistic expression and theatrical excellence. Over the decades, it has evolved into a revered institution, nurturing talents and captivating audiences. The institute has witnessed the rise of legendary performers, the staging of groundbreaking plays, and the continual evolution of theater as an art form. Its grand auditorium has hosted countless mesmerizing performances, attracting theater enthusiasts from far and wide. Through its archives, exhibitions, and educational programs, the museum preserves the rich history of theater while embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Grand Institute of Theater is to celebrate and promote the art of theater in all its forms. We aim to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences by showcasing the finest productions, preserving theatrical heritage, and fostering creativity. Our commitment is to provide a platform for emerging talents, encourage diversity and inclusivity in the theater community, and engage audiences through immersive experiences. We strive to be a beacon of artistic excellence, nurturing the next generation of theater enthusiasts and ensuring that the magic of the stage endures for generations to come.

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    2.6 million
  • Area
    807,000 sq ft (75,000 m2) in 94 galleries
  • Visitors
    1,124,759 (2021)
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    1 Main St, New Madrid, MO 63869, USA
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    9:30 - 18:00, Monday Until 20:00
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