Royal Museum of the Globe

Discover the world, embrace its splendors, and celebrate global unity.

Step into a realm of cultural immersion and global connectivity at the Royal Museum of the Globe. Spanning continents and epochs, our museum invites you on an extraordinary journey of discovery. Immerse yourself in captivating exhibits that showcase the diversity and interconnectedness of our global heritage. From ancient civilizations to modern societies, explore the beauty, innovation, and rich narratives that define our planet. Engage with interactive displays, awe-inspiring artifacts, and thought-provoking installations that inspire understanding and appreciation for the world’s wonders. Unveil the power of shared knowledge, foster empathy, and cultivate a sense of global citizenship as you embark on this enlightening adventure.

  • History

    Established in 1923, the Royal Museum of the Globe has been a beacon of cultural understanding and appreciation for nearly a century. Founded by visionary philanthropist Sir Arthur Caldwell, the museum's mission was to bridge gaps and foster appreciation for the diverse cultures and histories of our world. Over the years, it has grown into a prestigious institution, renowned for its expansive collection, engaging exhibits, and commitment to promoting global unity. With ongoing collaborations and acquisitions, the museum continues to evolve, offering visitors an immersive experience that celebrates the magnificence of our planet's heritage.

  • Mission

    At the Royal Museum of the Globe, our mission is to inspire curiosity, foster cultural appreciation, and promote global understanding. Through captivating exhibits, educational programs, and community engagement, we aim to bridge cultural divides, celebrate diversity, and highlight the interconnectedness of our global society. By showcasing the beauty, innovation, and shared narratives of different cultures, we strive to cultivate empathy, ignite curiosity, and promote a sense of unity among visitors. We believe that by exploring the world's heritage, we can inspire positive change, foster dialogue, and shape a more inclusive and harmonious future.

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    2.6 million
  • Area
    807,000 sq ft (75,000 m2) in 94 galleries
  • Visitors
    1,124,759 (2021)
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    Vişnezade Mh., Vişnezade, 34357 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
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    9:30 - 18:00, Monday Until 20:00
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