Silent Gallery

Where art whispers profound stories.

Immerse in a sanctuary of hushed contemplation at Silent Gallery. Our exhibits speak through visual masterpieces, inviting introspection and connection beyond words. Delight in diverse artworks spanning genres and eras, provoking emotions and sparking conversations. Witness the transformative power of silence in appreciating the profound beauty of artistic expression.

  • History

    Silent Gallery was founded in 1978 by visionary art enthusiast, Emily Davis. Inspired by the ability of art to transcend language, she sought to create a unique space that emphasized the visual impact of artworks. Over the years, the museum has grown to showcase a remarkable collection of paintings, sculptures, installations, and more. Silent Gallery continues to be a haven for art lovers seeking an immersive and introspective experience.

  • Mission

    Our mission at Silent Gallery is to provide a serene and contemplative space where art speaks directly to the soul. Through thought-provoking exhibitions and a carefully curated collection, we aim to foster a deep appreciation for artistic expression. We strive to create an environment that encourages reflection, sparks creativity, and connects people across cultures. Join us on a journey of silent conversations with the world of art.

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  • Collection Size
    2.6 million
  • Area
    807,000 sq ft (75,000 m2) in 94 galleries
  • Visitors
    1,124,759 (2021)
  • Address
    1220 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029, USA
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    9:30 - 18:00, Monday Until 20:00
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